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Re: Please request status of our park renovation here

As we can all see the Von King Park Cultural Center has not completed.  In fact, has not even changed. Please fill out this form and ask for status: Remember that other areas get services because the people in that area write a lot.  We pay the same taxes and therefore must be aware of what is going on and stay vigilant. Anyone that would like to collaborate on the unofficial nyc council videos project write to See  for a video about the capital budget and parks. It is truly amazing to listen to. See also  for an example of what can be done with the videos.  You can add and edit them.  Contact if you have any questions. Von King Cultural Arts Center Multipurpose Room Reconstruction Design 100% complete Procurement 100% complete Construction 82% com

Get involved in your own democracy

Did you know that New York State resident have no direct democracy process.  It is called the Direct Initiative process. Look at California See There are three forms of  direct democracy  in California state elections: the initiative, the mandatory referendum, and the optional referendum. Mandatory referenda have been a part of the  Constitution of California  since 1856. The initiative and optional (or facultative) referendum were introduced in 1911, by a constitutional amendment called  Proposition 7 . [1]  California Senate Bill 202, passed in 2011, mandated that initiatives and optional referenda can appear only on the November general election ballot. [2] We have no process like this in New York State. Think about this.  Let's say you do not want your tax dollars to pay politicians while they are running for another office. Think about DeBlasio and his current "run" for president.  All the while, you are pa

School construction bond on March ballot will be Prop. 13

Read this and rememberthat here in New York state we have no direct initiative process which means you as a people cannot put propositions on the ballot only western states have this.  Why? You have to ask yourself? "Coupal said the Howard Jarvis association will oppose the bond for several reasons. One is that, with a budget surplus, the state should be funding facilities on a pay-as-you-go-basis, instead of accumulating more debt. As for number 13, Coupal doesn't know whether it will work for or against the bond. Though it will be clearly labeled as a school construction bond, with arguments pro and con, it's possible that some tax opponents may automatically vote for it, he said.

Breach of Leading Domain Name Registrar Could Lead to an Explosion in Phishing Scams - CPO Magazine

This is amazing a breach of many many emails and possibly credit cards.

Watch "East New York Gentrification of 515 Blake Ave. Why is Charles and Inez Barron upset?" on YouTube

New York Daily News: NYC is selling ‘air rights’ to city housing buildings, first big deal goes to de Blasio donors

Look at these pictures they are terrifying.   New York Daily News: NYC is selling 'air rights' to city housing buildings, first big deal goes to de Blasio donors.

For Public Advocate, the Advance endorses Joe Borelli (editorial)