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Did you know that New York State resident have no direct democracy process.  It is called the Direct Initiative process.

Look at California

There are three forms of direct democracy in California state elections: the initiative, the mandatory referendum, and the optional referendum. Mandatory referenda have been a part of the Constitution of California since 1856. The initiative and optional (or facultative) referendum were introduced in 1911, by a constitutional amendment called Proposition 7.[1] California Senate Bill 202, passed in 2011, mandated that initiatives and optional referenda can appear only on the November general election ballot.[2]

We have no process like this in New York State.

Think about this.  Let's say you do not want your tax dollars to pay politicians while they are running for another office.

Think about DeBlasio and his current "run" for president.  All the while, you are paying him to be mayor.

Think about this,  You run a business or you work for an employer.  You decide to run for president and you tell your customers keep coming and giving me money but I will be running for president and not giving you anything.

They would probably say no.  Same for the employer.

But only in government can elected person get away with this double dipping.

There is a simple solution:  Resign to Run laws.  See

But think about the process, in New York State you have to get a body appointed by the mayor to approve this proposal.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

We need to wake up New York State and the rest of the east coast with direct democracy!!!


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