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New York Post : Insiders say Carranza's secret 'Academic Response Team' squandered millions

New York Post : Insiders say Carranza's secret 'Academic Response Team' squandered millions.  

Once-a-decade opportunity to plan the city’s waterfront coming up in Brooklyn  

Fwd: Pick up your petitions this weekend!

Represent your block.  please sign up.  This only happens once every two years.   ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: RepYourBlock 2020 < > Date: Thu, Feb 20, 2020, 5:06 PM Subject: Pick up your petitions this weekend! To: Ralph Yozzo < > Hey Ralph — It all comes down to this: It's time to petition to run for County Committee.  This weekend, pick up your petition packets!  The packets include your County Committee petition sheets, a petitioning guide, and some #RepYourBlock literature. We'll email you walk sheet for your neighborhood when you pick up your packet. This information will set you up to start petitioning on February 25. In additio

De Blasio defends wife's use of NYC funds for Brooklyn programs

We all thought chirlane was running for mayor.   Now, she's running for borough president in Brooklyn?  What next???  

New York Daily News: Ex-NYC pol Sheldon Silver appeals corruption conviction again

The NeverEnding saga of Shelly Silver.   Yet another appeal.  New York Daily News: Ex-NYC pol Sheldon Silver appeals corruption conviction again.  

Assemblyman Michael Blake is caught abusing an affordable-housing unit

More abuse of your taxpayer money.  

Nonprofit profiteering is one reason NYC’s homeless crisis never ends

See See also   We the taxpayers need to wake up and control how our tax dollars are spent.   Nonprofit profiteering is one reason NYC's homeless crisis never ends New York City spends billions in the name of fighting homelessness — all too often dropping the cash on shady nonprofits that provide lousy, sometimes dangerous, services. Last month, the Department of Homeless Services sued one of its biggest hotel-shelter operators, Childrens Community Services, alleging fraud. The feds and city investigators are probing allegations that CCS execs stole millions from taxpayers. On Monday, a judge placed the company in receivership. Yet the city has known about problems with CCS for years. Thomas Bransky had little experience with the homeless when he founded CCS in 2014, yet it quickly started winning fat city contra

Asian protesters barred from Richard Carranza town hall

We, the people, need to fire Carranza.  It will never happen in this administration unless the people speak up.  

Suborning perjury: The newest wrinkle in de Blasio’s neverending scandals

This article is very good please read the entire article.   Highlight: The mayor likely owes his liberty to President Trump, who fired his main pursuer Preet Bharara just as he was preparing to drop the hammer. State and local overseers, meanwhile, have been utterly negligent. Manhattan DA Cy Vance used Bharara's firing as a screen to drop his own timid inquiries, and neither former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (remember him?) nor increasingly irrelevant AG Letitia James have taken notice of the ethical irregularities that surround de Blasio.

Brooklyn Democratic Party County Committee

These are the local persons that represent you. But you can represent yourself and your community. See  to see who represents you now (most positions are vacant or appointed) Sign up at  and also attend the following: THIS only happens once every 2 years, so act now! We're just three weeks out from petitioning season, and we want to help you get ready to talk to your neighbors and get on County Committee.  Please attend a petitioning training event: we'll talk through gathering signatures and how talk to your neighbors about why you're running to represent them on County Committee. Saturday, February 8  at Halyards (406 3rd Avenue) from 2-4 PM:  Join #RepYourBlock and  Jesse Pierce, a candidate for District Leader in Assembly District 52 , for a petitioning launch party and training! Saturday, February 15  at Freddys Bar

New York Post : Queens is seeing through Richard Carranza's bull

New York Post : Queens is seeing through Richard Carranza's bull.  

2020 NYC Property Tax Preliminary Report

See to listen to the important parts of the report. Here's the recommendations from the board and some comments. You will notice that there is no discussion of: No discussion of Tax Caps.   We need a 2% tax cap or the rate of inflation (whichever is lower) No discussion of 421A and the billions of dollars of exemptions go to developers.  These 421A and the hundreds of other exemption programs are worth many billions of dollars and no discussion at all.   We need to include 421A in the conversation. No discussion of NYU and Columbia etc. paying no property tax at all.  Amazing. No discussion of helping renters other than a brief mention. 1. The Commission recommends moving coops, condominiums and rental buildings with up to 10 units into a new residential class along with 1-3 family homes. The property tax system would continue to consist of four classes of property: residentia