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Cuomo offers every MLB team a home in New York

Wow! We can't go to our own Parks.  But yet our governor is offering free baseball fields to other major league baseball teams? Unbelievable!!!  

Despite recession, JPMorgan Chase just posted record revenue — here's how they did it

This is where your tax dollars are going?  

New York State Governor has gone off the deep end

Look at this poster and decide for yourself

Bill Bratton: NY 'a mess and going to get a lot worse'

"Most of them don't know what the hell they voted for. They've become a mob themselves in the sense of some of the legislation they're passing. They should be ashamed of themselves," said Bratton, who served as de Blasio's first police commissioner. See  

Property tax will go up 6% + 7%

See Stark noted, however, that the new city budget to be approved Tuesday evening by the City Council raises the property tax levy by about $1.7 billion, or 7 percent. The Department of Finance will have to bill property owners later this year for that money.  See