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S7000A (tax law) - Wikipedia After nearly four decades, finally, the property tax law in New York City and State has a Wikipedia page.  This is a key part: New York City Department of Finance has lowered the assessment ratio in the past to comply with the law's uniformity requirement. After the State Legislature enacted the current system in response to Hellerstein, the Class One assessment ratio was about 25%. It was lowered to 18% in 1985, and then to 12% in 1989. In 1992, the ratio was lowered to 8%, and then in 2004 to the current 6% ratio. [13]

NYU professor gets millions in real estate deal from school NYU pays no property tax yet gives out millions and millions of dollars to their professors in property tax benefits even their faculty and student  housing pays no property tax.   Yet they charge $70,000 a year for tuition.  Look at the deal. Vicky Been former HPD commissioner now deputy Mayor gets Richard Revesz, the former NYU Law School dean, and his wife, Vicki Been, who was just named deputy mayor for Housing and Economic Development, own a West Village townhouse financed through the School of Law Foundation, records show. They also own a second home in Litchfield County, Ct.

Speaker Corey Johnson’s campaign for mayor fueled by donors getting millions in Council pork - New York Daily News

New York City Council Budget Explained?

See The question mark at the end is appropriate.   Our taxpayer funded budget is very hard for the taxpayer to understand in its current state. Please help us to make your budget clear and understandable by everyone. Subscribe to