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Summer vacations at the NYC Council

Just look at the number of hearings history for our NYC Council.
They seem to take the entire months of July and August off.
Plus with the Corona virus, April was off also.  It took a month for our NYC Council to figure out how to use online meetings.
But we may be better off with less meetings.  Maybe zero.

Bill de Blasio’s pathetic surrenders to NYC unions

NY is hemorrhaging cash -- but de Blasio, Cuomo, unions refuse to face reality

Read this article the best line is don't raise taxes lower them. 
We could do this we just need the people thinking talking about the issue.  

Chirlane McCray enjoys $2M staff of 14 as NYC lets trash pile up

NYC Mayor de Blasio's projection of 22,000 layoffs of city workers called into question - New York Daily News

We talked about the bloated budget.  
No one's talking about how many people diblasio has hired to going from 300,000 to 400000 employees. 
He was proud of that. 
Please read: