Council voting to put homeless in hotels, against de Blasio

Read this:
"This version of the bill, which came out of nowhere overnight with no conversation, is ham-fisted and reckless, self-defeatingly unilateral and ill-informed, and legally questionable and amateurish," said Isaac McGinn, spokesman for the city's Department of Social Services.

Internal emails reveal Mayor Bill de Blasio helped stall yeshiva probe

Please read this, this shows how the internals work in our city hall. 
Get ready for 40% or more property tax spending.

CA personal property tax period extended due to coronavirus | The Sacramento Bee
Where is New York's equivalent plan for property tax relief during this crisis?

Success Academy to maintain grading system amid coronavirus

This is very true.  We need a school system that cares about children.  not one that just thinks about the bare minimum they can do.  School needs to be open even if it's online through the summer.  Does the teachers union work for the people or do they simply work for themselves or do we work for them?

Your tax dollars at work: New York City is advertising


No Activity during budget season at NYC Council

You should ask yourself: What does the NYC Council do to review the NYC Budget if there are no hearings and the budget is still approved.
Maybe this will show that the entire process is a farce?

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