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New York City Property Tax Public Hearing: Workshops & Tax Commission Public Briefings

See New York City Property Tax Public Hearing: Workshops & Tax Commission Public Briefings Wed, Feb 12, 10:00 AM 209 Joralemon St Going Share 1 Going Event details Every January and now February, the Department of Finance mails New York City property owners a Notice of Property Value (NOPV). This important notice has information about your property's market and assessed values. To see your tax history go to To compare your bill against the mayor go to and then enter your address or any address. The Department of Finance determines your property's value every year, according to State law. The Cityʼs property tax rates are applied to the assessed value to calculate your property taxes for the next tax year. You get your first tax bill for the year in June. If you believe the values or property descriptions on the NOPV are not correct. Cl

Seattle-Area Voters To Become 1st With Full Option To Vote Via Smartphone : NPR   Interesting.  What do you think?

Sheldon Silver still not in jail 5 years after his arrest

It's long past time to slam the prison doors on Sheldon Silver It's truly amazing that the law only applies to little people.

Syracuse’s unfair property tax system hurts poor the most; here’s what can be done (exclusive) -   In this article it says that people with lower value homes are paying much more property tax than people with higher value homes.  This is exactly what's happening in New York City also, where Park Slope is paying much less with higher-value homes.  

Questions about what we can do about the cost of everything in NYC

I'd like to hear more about that you and your friends think.  If you rent, rents will be going up for the near future at probably a 10% average. PLEASE REPLY with your thoughts. If you or your friends own, property tax is definitely going up at a 6% to 8% rate. Spending in New York City is going up at a 5.5 % rate. All while inflation is near 0. The best thing to do is join the tax payers mailing list at   This mailing list is for everyone to contribute and read and tell their friends about. Read and sign the petition at   look for the words "sign the petition"  Look at  for the history of our state and city tax law. See  for the amazing charts of the growth.  Tax has gone from $7 billion to almost $30 billion in less than 20 years.  That's 400% growth.  Ask yourself did your busin

Ex-DCAS Official: City Fired Me for Pushing Back on Donor Favors | Open Articles |   Read this part As for any link between Mr. Morales's cooperation with Federal prosecutors and his firing, Mr. de Blasio emphatically denied one. He said, "That is exactly false. There were real issues of performance and I am not going to go into detail because you know he instituted a lawsuit so he can get monetary gain himself. So, I am going to say it had nothing to do with this situation but with overall performance." This is truly amazing What about the performance of the mayor using taxpayer money to run his presidential campaign.  Collecting full salary while running a another campaign.  Ask yourself what employer would pay you while you're running for president unbelievable.  If you're an entrepreneur will you leave your business and your customers will continue to pay you while you run for president.  I don

Official Demoted Amid Probe of de Blasio Settles for $200K

This is a good article.  Read the corruption of your government.  

Fwd: The City Record: notification

$245K for a 12 Month Java Developer. This is how our city discloses contract with these types of messages. ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: < > Date: Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 4:33 AM Subject: The City Record: notification To: < >    

Re: DC toll prices surge during snow, E-ZPass and Express lanes hit |

Taxpayer alert. And Di Blasio is complaining about Domino's Pizza raising the price on New Year's Eve.  But is it okay when government does it? On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 9:28 AM Ronald Grossberg < > wrote:   And Di Blasio is complaining about Domino's Pizza raising the price on new year's Eve.  I'd is okay when government does it?

De Blasio spent $80K on NYPD detail before presidential run

Should there be a law that says that candidates have to pay for their own police detail?  How in the world did New York City taxpayers sign up for this? See  

Fwd: COIB Settlements Announced

More conflict of interest details. Please read 😀 ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Katherine Miller < > Date: Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 11:52 AM Subject: COIB Settlements Announced To: Katherine Miller < > FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 7, 2020 CONTACT : Katherine Miller at or (212) 437-0741   The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board (the "Board") announces three settlements.   Job-Seeking; Use of City Resources. A now-former Director of Mixed Income Programs in the New Construction Finance Division at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development ("HPD") inquired about, interviewed for, and accepted a job with Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen's Council, Inc. ("RSBCC") – now Riseboro Community Partnership – while he was a member of a review committee at HPD that was considering an application that i

New York City non-profits! The FY 2021 Discretionary Funding Expense Application is officially OPEN. You can apply for discretionary funding from today, Thursday, January 2, 2020, until Tuesday, February 18, 2020:

See $500 Million of your taxpayer dollars are given away. You should monitor this.

NYPD, FDNY projected to spend more than $130M combined on overtime

When people get twice their pay and overtime something seems to be mismanaged.  Read: