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Re: Stand with Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Opposing Zoning Changes

See What is happening to the botanic garden could happen to us.  They are trying to override R6A zoning, to whatever they want. Please read and sign if you agree.  Ralph  Details  See This is zoned R6A.   If we allow cumbo & company to spot zone every single part of New York City then we'll have a hodgepodge that suits property developers and not the people of New York City Zoning by Owner Item HPG ASSOCIATES INC FY 2009-2010 R6A FY 2010-2011 R6A FY 2011-2012 R6A FY 2012-2013 R6A FY 2013-2014 R6A FY 2014-2015 R6A FY 2015-2016 R6A FY 2016-2017 R6A FY 2017-2018 R6A FY 2018-2019 R6A and

Instead Of Pied-à-Terre Tax, New York Gets 'Volatile' Mansion Tax Expansion: Gothamist Another reason to stay involved and informed.  

City Council’s next campaign-finance ‘fix’ is a huge gift to the speaker This is an amazing system.  We need the taxpayers to look at what's going on.