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Watch "Why Does New York City Property Tax Only INCREASE?... NYCC PV CH COM 190925 103746" on YouTube Here's one of your Council people joking about property tax reductions.  This is the basic reason why New York City property tax only goes up.  It's because they're spending your money.  These Council people make believe that working for you but they really want to spend your money. 

Mayor de Blasio’s office gave out $3.6M in raises to City Hall staffers last year - New York Daily News

See That's just the tip of the iceberg.  

Please sign the petition

See and  sign here: Sign the petition to help Senator Jim Tedisco stop the latest money grab by the NYS DMV to force you to pay $25 for new license plates and an additional $20 to keep your current plate number. Enough is enough!!! Send a message to the Governor, DMV, and the Legislative leaders that we are sick and tired of the state constantly reaching into our wallets. Help stop the nickel and diming of taxpayers in New York State, sign and share Senator Jim Tedisco's petition to Stop the NYS License Plate Tax today!