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Success Academy to maintain grading system amid coronavirus

This is very true.  We need a school system that cares about children.  not one that just thinks about the bare minimum they can do.  School needs to be open even if it's online through the summer.  Does the teachers union work for the people or do they simply work for themselves or do we work for them?  

Your tax dollars at work: New York City is advertising


No Activity during budget season at NYC Council

You should ask yourself: What does the NYC Council do to review the NYC Budget if there are no hearings and the budget is still approved. Maybe this will show that the entire process is a farce? See and For all activity on their website. ADD is new items. SYNC is old items updated.

Your text I was at work New York City is advertising


How pension 'double dippers' exploit New York's taxpayers   Please read this.  It's a double kick in the shin for the taxpayer. 

De Blasio's overspending make NYC's coronavirus fiscal mess far worse

Read   This is exactly right.  The Post has it correct that these retroactive raises are absolutely ridiculous.   Join the mailing list at See Get ready for an enormous property tax increase.  In this crazy environment, as market values go down, property tax will go up. 

Watch "What will happen to your property tax bill in NYC? Will it go up with your lower market value?" on YouTube

See https ://   Please post this video and watch it.   It's all about property tax and the future of New York City.   Please post it to your neighbors, block mailing list, home association mailing list, favorite Facebook page or Instagram etc. page.