Questions about what we can do about the cost of everything in NYC

I'd like to hear more about that you and your friends think.  If you rent, rents will be going up for the near future at probably a 10% average.

PLEASE REPLY with your thoughts.

If you or your friends own, property tax is definitely going up at a 6% to 8% rate.

Spending in New York City is going up at a 5.5 % rate.

All while inflation is near 0.

The best thing to do is join the tax payers mailing list at  This mailing list is for everyone to contribute and read and tell their friends about.

Read and sign the petition at  look for the words "sign the petition" 

Look at for the history of our state and city tax law.

See for the amazing charts of the growth.  Tax has gone from $7 billion to almost $30 billion in less than 20 years.  That's 400% growth.  Ask yourself did your business income grow at 400% or income or anything?


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