New York State Voting and Property Tax History

Did you ever wonder why you get calls and attention around election time and almost no other time?
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,But in ourselves, that we are underlings." -- (Julius Caesar, Act 1, scene 2, 135–141)
We need to "get involved" as I've heard people say.

Even a simple request such as the New York City Expenditure and Property Tax History on a government website such as the New York City Independent Budget Office's website might be too much to ask until the people "get involved".

Because the truth is capitalism, socialism, democracy, etc. do not work unless the people get involved.  But if we sit back and do nothing, then we deserve what we get.  Also beware of the elected person that talks of sports and award ceremonies, those are the modern day bread and circuses. see

Well here's a way to get elected.  The following information can only be used for political purposes.
See  Enter your payment / credit card information and then buy frequent voter reports by zipcode.  This also shows the voters tax exemption status.  If the frequent voter (who is often a home owner) does not have the STAR (homestead) exemption then you can send them a useful political letter introducing yourself as a candidate that actually cares about constituent services and point our that there are many tax exemptions for owner occupied dwellings and for seniors and veterans and renters. 

-- You will stand out as a person that is not only interested in your future career which so many elected persons seem to be nowadays.

Here's an small excerpt from a report:


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