Tax Elephant sighted in New York City

Announced in May 2018, the New York City Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform works to evaluate all aspects of the current property tax system in New York City and recommend reforms to make it fairer, simpler, and more transparent, while ensuring that there is no reduction in revenue used to fund City services.
The key phrase that is often left out is that the request from the mayor seems to say that the total tax will continue to not only remain steady but instead will continue to grow at nearly 8% at the time of this article.

Please consider that growth in spending that far exceeds inflation.  We have a voice in our government and the people need to form a "community budget council" to have veto power over the growth in our government.  Plus run for assemblyperson and state senator and vote out the current person if they are not meeting the needs of the constituents.  Remember, if you were an assembly person, we are sure that current assembly person will be knocking on the door asking for services and complaining if they are not served every day.  Let's do the same.

NYC TAX Levy Percent Growth
Fiscal Year EndingTotal in $Millions
Percent Change

The numbers start to lose all meaning, so imagine that the tax total is a tax elephant.  For every dollar in tax is one pound of the elephant.

This elephant was born in 1980 with S.7000-A see for a discussion about S.7000-A.  There should be a wikipedia page for this law.

In 2000, the tax elephant was 8 billion pounds.

20 years later, it is 28 billion pounds.

That's a 350% increase.

7.49% growth from 2017 to 2018

Ask yourself: HAS YOUR INCOME GONE UP over 7% per year for the past 20 years?

Renters - your rent has gone up.

Home owners - your tax has gone up.

Business owners can you raise prices over 7% per year?

We are all trying to push this elephant off of us, but that just pushes it on someone else.

UNTIL someone had an idea, this elephant is getting too fat, let's band together and put this elephant on a diet, exercise, organic food, VEGAN maybe as the brooklyn borough president says!


We the people are right at the edge of the cliff. It's 100 ft between us and the cliff

The law says that NYC DOF can push us a MAXIMUM of 6% closer to cliff

BUT THE LAW SAYS THAT IS THE MAXIMUM they can push us closer to the cliff

Read the New York State Tax Law for yourself: see
1. The assessor of any special assessing unit shall not increase the assessment of any individual parcel classified in class one in any one year, as measured from the assessment on the previous year's assessment roll, by more than six percent and shall not increase such assessment by more than twenty percent in any five-year period. 

NYC DOF can at our discretion and vote and demand (however you want to word it)

push us only 2% or at the rate of inflation (whichever is less)

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN we have to modify the law to make it clearer and make the maximum 2% not 6% (inflation was recently negative and NYC DOF was still increasing at the MAXIMUM 6% rate

You can see this all charted at

Any questions contact us

Remember NYC DOF does almost all of this with a computer program, we should use computers to help us!


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