Search NYC Property by Taxes and Zoning, etc.

See to Search NYC Property by Taxes and Zoning and more.

For example, you can enter a zipcode of 11215 and you would see a report similar to this one.
Web SearchFY 2018-201927-05 DITMARS BOULEVARD4008570003111051R5D6,422893,0001.06-0.94
Web SearchFY 2018-201942-09 ASTORIA BOULEVARD N4007810027111051R56,135876,0000.62-0.63

This gives you the ability to search and sort by Residential Growth in Floor Area Ratio and Commercial Growth and Zoning and Tax paid.  There are many more properties in the report but this is just a sample.  Also the "Web Search" link will show other places where you can research the property.

We have a lot of information and we'd like to hear from you what you'd like to see.

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