View New York City Budgets on a map

Would you like to see the details of our New York City Budgets on a map?  So far, we have not found an organized place with detailed information on budgets for capital and expenses for all the many places New York City has budgets.  So far, we know of the mayor's office of management and budget (over $80 Billion - expense, capital?), the city councilpersons budget (expense - $380 Million, capital - $575 Million) and each borough president receives expense and capital budgets around $100 Million.

This brings us to question: where are all the details organized in one place?

For example, here is an extract from the Brooklyn Borough President's capital budget

We take the data which is not easily downloadable.

After processing we have a sheet

After geocoding we have a map

Brooklyn Borough President Capital allocation FY 2015-2018 source

Compare to the original map:


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